What is a Slot?

The slot is a thin opening, groove, or position. For instance, a mail slot is the place where you put your mail. The American Heritage Dictionary defines a slot as “a narrow opening for receiving something.” Regardless of the context, a slot is an ideal location for a mail carrier to drop off or receive a package. It is also used in the aviation industry as the fourth position of the flying display. A few other common uses for the word slot are as follows:


A computer processor is connected to a motherboard by means of a slot. This was initially designed to make the process of upgrading the processor easier. The Intel Corporation first introduced a slot in 1997, and AMD released a version of the same connector in 1999. The two versions were compatible, but AMD has not made any compatible slots for Slot 1 or Slot A. In 2001, Intel introduced Slot 2, which was larger and used for Pentium II processors. Today, most desktop computers have a socket, whereas slot computers are no longer common.

The word slot has many meanings. It could refer to a hole or an opening. The most common example of a slot in a computer is the phone number. An airline may use a slot to dial a phone number. Another example is a file or an angel. A LOT may be an urban teenager with multiple boyfriends. In other words, a slot is an electronic gadget that allows you to make phone calls and make purchases.

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