Casino – How Cvent Can Help Your Location Get Discovered


A casino is an entertainment destination that encourages people to spend their money repeatedly for the chance to win big. Unlike other forms of gambling, casinos are designed to make money by taking advantage of the psychological inclination of gamblers to place more bets than they can afford. As such, they often have built-in advantages that ensure they will ultimately make more profit than the people who play them.

The underlying theme of Casino is a story of greed, corruption, and betrayal. There are no heroes here, just a series of characters who get their comeuppance. Robert De Niro and Sharon Stone are especially effective in their roles as the nemeses of each other; there is a palpable tension between their characters that keeps their scenes alive.

With a few bravura set pieces and its own brand of filmmaking excitement, Casino is an epic history lesson about Vegas. In a stunning early sequence with deliberate echoes of Goodfellas’ Copacabana interlude, a prowling Steadicam glides through closed doors into the money counting room at the mighty Tangiers casino. We see Ace count his winnings in a gleaming ledger and observe the inner circle where skimming off the till is an art form that he counts on for his kickbacks from old-school mob bosses back in Kansas City.

While the gaming industry is always changing, a few tried and true casino marketing strategies can help boost discoverability and bring in more guests. Focus on the amenities and features that set your casino apart from others in your area, including luxury hotel offerings, cutting-edge technology, flexible event space, and delicious restaurants. Then use Cvent’s Competitive Ads and Search Ads to give your location prominent exposure for events and group business when planners are ready to book their next event.

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